Alliance Skill Certifications

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Alliance Skill Certifications

Post by sysadmin » Tue Oct 03, 2017 10:22 pm


My alliance currently gives out a set of skill plans for it's doctrine ships for members to use. We use the save and restore plans part of the EVEmon 'Manage Plans' feature as it involves a large number of skill plans.

Since EVEmon now no longer seems to be getting updates I am looking to replicate this process within EVEHQ. It seems that I can only import or export one skill plan at a time - which will not suit my workload as I commonly import them all to see what ones have '0 time remaining'.

I have looked in the folders of EVEHQ and it seems that the certificates in EVE are within a few files there. Would it be possible to edit these to match the skill plans I build for alliance? Then all i would need to do is provide the alternative static file. I tried opening them but they are not in clear text that I can open and edit.

Alternatively, would it be possible to get EVEHQ to do bulk skill plan processes - At one click import many skill plans from a file or create the file containing many skill plans.

Hopefully there is a solution to our workload that is as easy, or easier than the current EVEmon process.

Thank-You in advance

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