Allow to view all research-jobs at once

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Allow to view all research-jobs at once

Post by Knight925 » Sun Aug 06, 2017 6:11 am

I am now using EveHQ for quite a while to manage my research-jobs. Sadly once you own multiple characters, especially if they are on the same account, this becomes really bothersome.

Currently if you use:
Plug-ins -> EveHq Prism -> Research jobs -> Owner
you have to select all your characters one at a time. There is no way to see all of your characters at once. So if you want to know the next job, that finishes, you have to go through each character indivudualy, sort it by time, look at the soonest to finish job, go to the next ..... and at the end compare all of them yourself.

I would like to propose the following:
1. Allow us to select "All Characters" in the Owner Dropbox. Then show all jobs of characters, whose API you have registered.
2. Add a new tab "Owner", that shows the owner of each job.

This would be a huge help for ppl managing their research-characters with EveHQ


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Re: Allow to view all research-jobs at once

Post by Slivo » Mon Aug 07, 2017 7:16 am

Sounds indeed unpractical as it is.
As Mike is more of and industrial than me, I'm pretty sure he would like this too :)

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