List of suggested QOL changes

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List of suggested QOL changes

Post by Mav986 » Thu Jun 16, 2016 12:18 am

These are just a list of changes that, as of now, I would need in EveHQ in order to fully commit to it over Evemon and Pyfa. I've listed them in order of (my own personal) priority. I leave it to you as to whether you implement them, and in what order.
  • Display number of skill injectors required to complete either the selected plan, or the selected skills, depending on what's currently selected
  • Ability to import saved fits from pyfa(I have a lot of fits, I'm not going to copy/paste every one). Pyfa exports to XML.
  • Updated ability to export fits directly into Eve(I believe this is a recent feature utilizing CREST)
  • Ability(or set as default) to have skill queue columns center text. Having it Left-Aligned just looks awful, especially for a column like "%"
  • Ability to delete things(such as queue's, skills in queue, or even things outside of the queue? Haven't looked yet) using the delete key.
  • Ability to delete multiple skill queue's by selecting them all
That's all I've noticed after taking a peek when I realized you added the ability to copy skill queue's into the game. Will check in later :)

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Re: List of suggested QOL changes

Post by Slivo » Thu Jun 16, 2016 7:39 am

Hello mav,

I Think you can export your fitting to Eve, then eve export to file and finaly use evehq "import from eve" option.
Most of others suggestions are related to recent eve feature and have not been updated yet, may come later if we get enough time

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