EveHQ Prism suggestions

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EveHQ Prism suggestions

Post by adias » Mon Mar 14, 2016 6:01 pm

I'm really like EveHQ. Some time ago I triedto write my own application, but found this and I stoped to implement my tool.
But I want to see some imrovements in EveHQ:
1. Production Manager -> Production Jobs: Possibility to create folders here and put jobs into different folders. If it's so hard to implement, then I can make proposal to implement something like filters here. Because, I want to see only rigs jobs, or drones, or tech 2.
2. Production Manager -> Production Jobs: Add item price in table. I see unit profit here, but I want to see unit price as well, to compare with market price. To do it I should open Blueprint Calculator, but to have it in table is much much better.
3. Blueprint Calculator -> Production tab (may be this is a bug). I put all data here and press Save', then reopen it and miss next: 'Use POS Array for production' is unchecked (was checked), also missed value for selected Array; 'Station ME Bonus' is droped to zero (was 2, for example). In 'Production Resource' table If I enable check box for 'BP Me Lvl' and setup value here (for example, 10) - check box is enabled, but value droped to zero.
4. Blueprint Calculator -> Invention tab. Select 'Decryptor', save, close and reopen - value is droped to nothing.


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