Tracking Industry Jobs

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Tracking Industry Jobs

Post by Dodge » Wed Mar 25, 2015 11:19 pm

Hi all, first off love EveHQ and glad that the job of updating it has been taken up again.

Anyway I have a quality of life suggestion which would make life far easier for those of us with many industrial active toons. I regularly have 6 characters with research jobs happening at the same time. Presently when I load up EveHQ Prism and open the 'Jobs' Tab I can only select one character at a time from the drop down, if we could add the option for 'All' this would stop a user who potentially has even more toons than myself missing out on one while looking into which character needs to log in to manage their jobs next. the ability to see my 40-50 concurrent jobs all in one sheet would be stellar.

A Similar 'All' Drop down for the 'Contracts' Tab in EveHQ Prism would also be a big help but less of an issue really.

Anyway peace all and fly safe!

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Re: Tracking Industry Jobs

Post by Slivo » Tue Mar 31, 2015 8:45 pm


Thanks for bringing in your ideas.
I'm far from familiar with the industrial side of Eve, I'll need too learn it a bit before doing anything.
Plus, as you can see, there is many bug to fix before thinking to new things

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Re: Tracking Industry Jobs

Post by Flashmala » Sat Jul 18, 2015 5:02 pm

Nothing like a late reply to an old thread, but here you go anyway!

I had this issue as well... if the characters are all in the same corp, you can add a corp api and all the jobs belonging to all characters will show up all on the same page. If they are in different corps, then back to square one, I'm afraid.


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