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API Error 221 EveHQ V Steam Account

Posted: Mon Aug 29, 2016 6:21 pm
by ava_zazen
Edit: Solved! See bellow comment. (don't know how to close the issue..)

Hi there, first time poster.

A quick Google search for this issue didn't help me resolve my problem.

Yesterday I downloaded Eve from Steam and set myself up with the starter pack and quickly wanted to find some useful tools to help me train and what not and that's what led me to EveHQ.

I learned I needed API token for EveHQ, no problem. Generated one with full access, entered in the values into EveHQ, then did the 'CheckAPI Keys' action. That auto populated some fields and everything looked good. But then trying to 'Retrive API Date' reuslts in an error:

API Error Code Details:
Code: 221 = Illegal page request! Please verify the access granted by the key you are using!


In my Pilot Info, I can see my Pilot name and Attributes. But nothing else really.

I have tried using the account name of what I created for the API, and for my actual account. I have made an Eve account and linked my Steam account to it as well, giving that a eve account name.

Any thing I am missing?

Re: API Error 221 EveHQ V Steam Account

Posted: Mon Aug 29, 2016 9:04 pm
by ava_zazen
I didn't understand the Eve API UI when I was creating the API. I assumed that it automatically was checking the fields I need for a third party app.

I would suggest having a walk through on the page where you can download the application from. There wasn't one I could find, and having a walk through of what scopes need to be granted to the app would be useful.