EveHQ 2.21.0 | Aegis release

The Aegis update is finally available.

CCP changed some data in there export that crashed EveHQ and take us a little while, coupled to our lack of time these weeks.
To avoid making you wait longer, we released a first update with incorrect bonuses for the Hecate. They will be updated in the next update.
Thanks for your patience !

Few people contacted me to contribute to EveHQ, like Bonekill that started working with us. Thanks to them !
We are never too many, if you want to join, you are welcome.

EDIT : Missile guidance modules doesn’t apply their bonus properly, work in progress

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  1. Just updated, as a missile pilot its been long awaited since the advent of the new mods. Sadly my client does not appear to be properly applying the modifications of the new missile mods to my ships once added. Even with all 5 skill pilots as controls.

    • Hi blizzmaster,
      I found out it was indeed malfunctionning.
      I’m working on it and I hope to release a fix tonight.
      Thanks for reporting !

  2. i noticed the MGCs are applying their bonuses now but there seems to be a stacking problem with them. the missile velocity is starting at 57% stacking for the first mod.


  3. Thanks for reporting, I’ll take a look at this soon.
    Please consider using the forum for bug reporting in future !

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