This document doesn’t represent the final requirements but only a draft of them.

High-level requirements, constraints and principles

Main window

  1. For big screens not for phones. The application targets desktop computers not mobile devices so there is no need to keep in mind phones. The main target resolution is 1920×1080 and form-factor is 16×9. The minimum supported resolution is 1600×900. The minimal supported physical screen size is 15”.
  2. Full-screen application. The application will not have system title and menu bars. There should be actions to close, to send to tray, to collapse the main window provided be the application.

User input

  1. For mouse and touch screen. Mouse for desktop computers is classic but monitors with touch screen become more common. The first version will not target tablets but in the future versions they could be supported. Hence when we develop UX we need to keep in mind not only mouse but touch screen as well.
  2. Keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard is a huge time-saver. Well thought-out keyboard control is a must in a time-saving application.
  3. Voice commands. Voice input could be a good feature for such a support application as EveHQ NG is. Commands like: “Angy bring me map!” or “Angy lets go to Jita!” could be easily recognized already. Voice commands will free hands of a pilot. But of course it’s not for the first version.

Fonts, colors, images

  1. Dark theme. White background good for documents but not for dashboards and control panels. Colors better speak to the user on a dark background. The Universe of EVE Online is dark and it’s easer for our eyes to not switch between bright and dark pictures a few times per minute.
  2. Flat interface. All those shadows, reflexes and natural material textures were good till people have accustomed for computers. Now they are just boring noise. Gradients are allowed for subtle shadows and highlights but applied very selectively.
  3. San Serif fonts. Sans Serif is just better for screens, serif for printing. All fonts should be with multi-language support, preferable with many supported weights. Could be used science fiction styled typefaces like Orbitron, Sarpanch, Jura for things like headers and graph’s legend and labels.
  4. Vector monocolor icons. In EVE Online many conceptions have own icons. They are pretty good but for a flat UI design they will be outside of the main flow. As well they are very small. It would be nice to redraw them as monocolor vector images with keeping of the main conception of the sign. But on the other hand people already accustomed for in game icons. Redraw all icons will be time consuming as well. So I should decide what a combination of both to use.
  5. Colors only for very important things.

Navigation, user notification

  1. Less dialogs more full screen pages. I don’t like dialogs. Dialog for editing a complex entity that opens another one for changing a list property that opens one more dialog to ask the user for confirmation… What could be more annoying? As well dialogs are bad for keeping navigation history. So dialogs are allowed only for confirmations. Notifications should be kept in a list accessible for the user anytime. For complex cases prefer wizards. For changing names, titles and similar staff prefer in-place edit by single mouse click or tap.
  2. Saving or rejecting changes on navigating away of the page. User will change feature screens pretty often. There should be less questions and confirmations. By default all changes save automatically. If it became a problem there could be added history of changes with ability to restore at any state but not in the first version.
  3. Forward/backward navigation. The UI should be more like a web-site than a typical accounting-related application. That means the application needs some kind of Forward/Backward buttons with a dropdown menu to see the navigation history.

Content types

  1. Text. Primary for UI documentation and things like an NPC mission description.
  2. Tables. EVE Online called sometimes Spread Sheets in Space. Many conceptions like orders and manufacturing tasks better visualized with tables.
  3. Image. Sometimes an image better than a thousand of words.
  4. Map. EVE Universe or a region map is a crucial tool.
  5. Graph. Some data just created for graphs but only a selection of their types should be used (line, bar and sometimes pie).

Screen types

  1. Dashboard. Most of role tools could be expressed as a some kind of dashboard. Role dashboard, Fitter, Region map and so on.
  2. Settings page. Some things should be configured and require the user input. Application settings of different kinds, role tools list and so on.
  3. Wizard. Sometimes there are too many things to configure for a single page or things to configure lay in line one after another. In such situation it’s better to use so called wizards.


  1. Adaptive for customization by the user. There is no currently specific requirements and the first version will not allow to customize page layouts and like this. But anyway such a feature should be kept in mind.
  2. No clutter more air. The EVE Online UI is cluttered and dense. The game has only one screen but our application UI can be split into many pages. Hence more space should be added wherever possible.
  3. Data import and export. Many things could be exported from EVE-client only through the clipboard like pilot list of the current system. Some things could be found in the game log. Some things should be possible to export for exchange with other users or applications like ship fittings.

About Mike Eshva

A software engineer for about 25 years. From 2012 work for Kaspersky Lab. Live in Moscow with my family.
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  1. Hi Mike,

    I agree to most of your points, but there are two I have serious issues with:

    Full-screen application: OMG, why? This should really left to the user to decide. I have a 4K monitor exactly for the purpose to have different applications side by side! (i.e. my IDE and a browser) Your full-screen approach will just waste screen space…

    Flat interface: The guy who came up with this concept (I think it was some Apple drone?) should burn in hell beyond judgement day. Many designs I see nowadays make it really hard to distinguish between information, input and control elements. Don’t fall for this…

    • Thank you Günter for your feedback! Feedback is invaluable for us, software developers especially when it comes in advance.
      I am agree with you about full screen mode. I haven’t seen the problem because I use two monitors and want more! 🙂 I will leave this dissension to the user. I’ll do my best to make UI responsive for most screen resolutions.
      About flat interface. I don’t exactly understood what you don’t like in this concept. Seems like you don’t like input fields without borders and such stuff. Can you please link or send me a few images with a bad flat UI elements in your opinion?
      In my head flat UI leaves away all those unnecessary shadows, fancy glows and reflections. But it should not look like a document.

  2. Namaste.

    Agreed with Günter about the full-screen mode. A responsive theme would be far better.

    about Flat UI: i’m agree with you this time 🙂 An UI like the one in the top image is really readable and not too eyes tiring when used for a long session

    Keep up the good work, i’m sure you’ll do a killer app 😉

    • Namaste, Arkmon!
      I will leave “full-screen” decision to the user and the UI will be responsive. It will take more time to design it but will be a good practice for me.
      Flat and dark UI is my preference. The image above is just an early draft. It doesn’t show everything. I guess Günter wrote about form controls that not present on that image. Probably I haven’t draw them yet, I fall into coding. Currently I use PrimeNG components for my first form but still not sure what I will use for forms. It depends on ability to skin them as much as I need.

  3. 100% support for your efforts from me. You sound like an awesome person and thank you for stepping up to take responsibility for the future of this tool.

  4. Any eta when will be released? also in beta should be enought cause atm fitting tools are obsoleted (miss last update)

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