EveHQ 2.31.9 | Fuzzwork market provider

Greetings capsuleers !

As you may know Eve Central is down. It should already have been back online and nobody now when it will be back.
As Nooban suggested on our forums, Mike worked on a new market price provider.

The next release will allow you to select the fuzzwork market price provider as an alternative to Eve Central.
As Mike is kinda busy (But still find some time to implement this provider, thanks !), expect it to be released before the end of October.

Thanks for your bug reports, suggestions and contributions.
Thanks to Steve for the fuzzwork tools.

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  1. So regarding eve prism.

    Now that Refineries have hit… are they any plans to do away with the POS specific settings on add Upwell Structure specific language to the project?

    • Hello Zendoren, I would suggest you to explain what you expect with more detail on the forum.

      It would help Mike to understand what need to be done 🙂

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