EveHQ 2.31.7 | Hot fix for Prism

One of our users has reported a critical bug in Prism. For some structures it generates an exception. Here is hotfix for this issue.


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  1. I am unsure if this is just me or not, but the update to Version is not sticking. Every time I use either the updater within the app or download the file, uninstall the app, and install from the new download, EveHQ states it is still Version and asks for an update.

  2. the same situation

  3. Same situation for me.

  4. This is just a simple misstake in version numbers, just cancel the update until next release, your are using the right version

  5. Yes I’ve rebuilt and reuploaded setup package with right version numbers. Sorry for inconveniences.

  6. Is anyone else seeing excessive load times for Prism with 2.31.7? Mine is literally taking 15 to 20 mins to open.

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