EveHQ 2.31.5 | Fitter bug fixes


Tonight I’ve released the next version of EveHQ. This time I decided to close all remaining fitter bugs we know about. If you know other bugs please report about them on our issue tracker.

In the next release I plan to fix some bugs in Prism.

Here is what is changed in 2.31.5:


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  1. Thank you so much for taking over EveHQ, I don’t think I could play the game anymore without it.

    That said, I dream of the day I can see citadel assets within Prism. You are doing gods work, friend.

    Thanks, and thanks to Slivo for keeping evehq alive when it looked like it was going to certainly die!

    • IMO with the current EveHQ architecture it’s impossible. I mean we still use SDE and XML API and Citadels data could be accessed only with ESI API. We need first move to use XML API + SSO. After that to ESI API + SSO. And only after that use new ESI endpoints.
      I will be glad to be wrong in this concern. But anyway the first two steps have bigger importance as XML API will be available only till May 2018.

      • Citadel assets are retrievable using XML API, see assets viewer.
        It’s not been integrated yet into prism for now

        • OK, so it’s easier. Slivo can you add such an issue to our issue tracker with description and links if any?

        • Hi Slivo,

          Can you explain a bit more how to find this data in the assets viewer? I’ve tried a few times to understand where to look but I am not seeing anywhere to find this data.

          I can see a ton of assets that I assume are in citadels, but the Asset Viewer only shows the location as “Unknown Location” followed by a 13 digit number.

          I have seen a screenshot from another EveHQ user whos assets do show the location and citadel name properly so I’m wonder if something is not configured correctly in my specific install of the app?

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