EveHQ 2.31.1-2.31.3

Namaste guys!

Tonight I released version 2.31.3 and want to inform you what’s changed since 2.31.0. Here is an excerpt from our Release notes Wiki section.





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A software engineer for about 25 years. From 2012 work for Kaspersky Lab. Live in Moscow with my family.
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  1. Hey Mike and anyone else, I absolutely love EVEhq and while using it today my Avast antivirus removed EVEhq.

    ‘Threat blocked

    Object: *\EveHQ.exe
    Infection: IDP.Generic

    Threat detected and blocked just before the attack’

    Just so that you’re aware that either Avast is throwing a false positive or something’s going on.

    • Hello,

      This is most likely a false positive, due to the low number of times this file has been downloaded. It should works fine and antivirus will soon drop the alert imo

      • Thank you for the responses both of you. I did assume it was a false positive but wanted to make sure you were aware of it happening.
        I can confirm at least that the ‘viruslab’ has checked it as it was automatically send to them so I hope that will be the end of it for others and future releases as well.

        Thanks for all the work being put into EVEhq! I am so glad it’s up to date.

    • It’s a false positive. Avast likes it. On my home PC where I compile the application and it’s installer, I use Kaspersky Total Security. So no any viruses.
      As a suggestion. Try just released Kaspersky Free https://www.kaspersky.com/free-antivirus It is for sure better than Avast and free.

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