EveHQ 2.31 | T3 update

EveHQ has a new maintainer !

I’m glad to announce Mike Eshva is taking over the project !
I had multiple people also offering their help, if you are still willing to give a hand, I’m pretty sure Mike will like it.
Contact us using forum, facebook or any other way.

T3 update

Mike started updating EveHQ and brings new t3 into EveHQ.
The database has also been updated so ship and module missing from the beginning of the year can now be used !
This update also bring some contribution from paulkpeterson that allow beta citadel fitting and citadel assets retrieval, also in a Beta state.

I’m staying onboard to help Mike on anything but coding, hoping to make his job easier and focused.
As this is the first update from him, some things might have been forgotten, please make sure to report any incorrect behavior !

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  1. Thanks for maintaining this excellent resource!

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