EveHQ is looking for a new maintainer

Hi space friends,

It’s been almost 3 years since Drailen gave up on EveHQ and I tried to take over the project with Skar. It went pretty good, and we’ve been able to keep it running, almost always up to date until 2017. Few contributors helped a lot with most difficult changes (Like fighters, Industry, and more).

I’m happy we’ve been able to maintain EveHQ this long from where we started, however I’m retiring from EveHQ. Here is few reason if someone care enough. My skillset doesn’t really match the project, I’m having a hard time to do simple things when few contributors rewrite whole parts that need update. I lack time to spend on EveHQ and do required changes like coming T3 changes, ESI transition, switch to a new UI component, and more.

I’m not disappearing today, and I’m willing to keep all EveHQ website, repository, forum running until EveHQ don’t work at all anymore, or someone pick up the project. I’m also available to help someone to take over, explain the basics, and get him started. I could keep giving a hand a little while depending on how much time I can spend on EveHQ. I can be contacted using ingame mails, tweetfleet slack, facebook, tweeter and our forums.

I will broadcast this message over EveHQ and different channels, and wait for few days/weeks see if someone want to take over.
I will gather and provide a list of alternative tools to replace different parts of EveHQ in a future post and help you switching over if EveHQ is finally discontinued.

A big thanks to every bug reporters, contributors and donators, it’s been a great journey !

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  1. Sorry to hear you go and I hope that some one takes over. One thing that I find really useful and I am not sure if it can be broken into its own segment is the prism reports, that is so detailed and handy I have not been able to find anything else like it.

    • Hello Vartan,

      Most of EveHQ data is pulled from the XML API that is deprecated and will disappear in about a year if CCP deadline is respected.
      I don’t know if ESI (The replacement API) will let you get the same data (it should) but I’d advice to start writing a dedicated new software for this instead of trying to cherry pick some old parts of EveHQ.

      What kind of data are you using from Prism reports ?

      • Ill admit all I use is the Income & expenditure report, it shows all the incomings and outgoings of all my toons, ive no coding knowledge myself so rely on excellent apps like evehq to do the things I need. I prefer the ship fitter over PYFA too

  2. Just don’t let it die! 🙂
    It is the most comprehensive all-in-one tool for EVE ever made. I hope you’ll find somebody to take over the development process.

    I’ve been using EVEHQ a lot, especially for skill planning given the integration of the Skill Planner and EVEHQ Fitter. It will be a bit challenging to switch to something else for this.

    • I’m in the same boat, I took over the project for the same reasons.
      EveHQ fitter UI is the best I could found over all these years

  3. Sorry to see you leave the project, Slivo. EveHQ is the base tool I’ve use since years. You have done a fantastic job. All we can hope now is that someone with your talent will take over the project.
    Thanks so much for the hard work.
    Encore merci 😉

  4. I am shit with code, but love the tool. hopefully someone will keep it up. If there is anything noncoders can do let us know.

    Thanks for all the work.

  5. I’m sorry that you are retiring, but I fully understand. Thanks for the effort you have put in so far – I have enjoyed this tool for a looong time. Way better than EFT or PyFA, EveMON or all the other tools I’ve tried.

    In the future I’d be happy to help with bug reports and testing.

    I would love to offer any coding help as well – but I fear my coding skills are not up to it, so someone else would have to step in there. All I have to offer is some rusty C and some self-taught Java…

    What language is EveHQ written in?

    • Thanks for offering your help, it may be useful later!
      EveHQ is mainly written in vb.net, a language I’m not comfortable with myself.

      Thanks for support 😀

  6. Let me see if I can get a few of my folks into it. I would love to take the project over from ya.

  7. Hi! I am ready to have a look – at least to fix several bugs.

  8. I am a developer with more than 20 years of experience. Currently I use most of the time C# and TypeScript in my work. VB.NET uses same .NET Framework. What do you use as UI library? WPF of WinForms. I hate WinForms but love WPF for years. Please provide list of the technologies used in the project. May be I’ll take this project or a part in it.

    • Hello!
      EveHQ use mainly vb.net, a bit of c#.
      Ui component is “dotnetbar”, a proprietary library we don’t own a license for.
      Send me a message over tweetfleet or Facebook if you need more information!

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