EveHQ 2.30.1 | Ascension minor patch

A minor update has been release before holidays, there won’t be much until January !


  • Command bursts fitting requirements are now correctly applied
  • A ‘safecheck’ has been added to avoid the loss of fitting some of you experienced
  • HQF damage analysis won’t crash anymore when you simulate a ship with missiles
  • An incorrect training time calculation has been fixed in the case you injected a skill without trained prerequisite
  • Few bugs that doesn’t worth mentioning there

Thanks to every contributor, to everyone reporting bug we missed.
As we are some people collaborating, EveHQ is no longer endangered for now ! However, the more we are working on this project, the sooner the update can be release and the sooner bugfix and improvements can be pushed to everyone. If you’re hesitating about getting a hand, you can contact us anytime on the forum (PM Slivo) and we can talk about it.

I wish you all a great Christmas and new year day,

See you in YC119 !

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  1. Please check skill requirements.
    For example, advanced weapon upgrades now require weapon upgrades 4, not 5. And so may be more.

    • Hello, Thanks for reporting.
      There is indeed a missmatch we need to fix!
      Please prefer a forum thread over a comment there on the next report 🙂

      • Are there issues with the API at the moment? I get no character skills or attributes, market, or training queue from my API, and I already tried making an entirely new key.

        It may be because I just bought Omega two days ago, if CCP are slow at updating the database. I would imagine that it is done at least each rollover, though.

        • Hi Ragnor,

          CCP API should be fine, I may need more information to solve your issue, can you please open a new thread in the issue section ?

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