EveHQ 2.30 | Ascension update

Ascension update

We are happy to release this big update, including all changes from ascension.
It’s been a lot of work, fortunately Dukrat and paulkpeterson helped me a lot.
If EveHQ is useful for you, I strongly encourage you to make a even a small ISK donation to reward them for the time they spent helping the project.
A big thanks to every capsuleer that already donate to support us!


  • Alpha clone partial support. You won’t be able to know skill they cannot train.
  • Command bursts and Phenomena generator have been added.
  • The fleet effect window has been removed and command burst must be set as remote effects
  • We fixed a bug about missiles rigs drawback not affecting rapid torpedoes launchers
  • Commands ships bonuses
  • Tactical destroyer changes
  • Rorqual and industrial core changes
  • All new skills has been added
  • Porpoise has been added
  • Sunesis has been added

Known issues

  • The command burst calculation may sometime be inaccurate
  • The rorqual panic module does no effects yet

Hoping you enjoy this update, please report if you experience some bug

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  1. the skirmish rapid deployment charge doesn’t seem to be affecting the ship or its speed

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