EveHQ 2.28 | June update

June update

EveHQ update is available, few new things featured this time


  • Fix some incorrect ship bonuses on shield extenders and armor plates
  • Added the new factions capitals
  • Updated Networked Sensor Array to match the nerf
  • Updated the database to CCP june release

Please report any bug using our forums.

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  1. i use evehq behind a socks5 proxy
    after i add my api keys the api update works fine
    if i try to update the data 1 day after, it failed “The RefTypes API returned error ():”

    if i deinstall evehq and delete all data from c:\Users\%USER%\AppData\Roaming\EveHQ\ i can reinstall evehq and update all data once more (but only once!)

    i have saved the EveHQ.log
    if u want i can send it to u

    fly safe

  2. Hi Simon,

    Can you please open a thread in the bug report section of our forums providing as much information as possible ?
    I’m sorry to be late, I did not notice your message

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