EveHQ 2.27 | Citadel update

Citadel update

The Citadel update is finally available, both for manual download and auto-update.


  • Capital ships and capital modules
  • Fighters management
  • You can now export any EveHQ skillqueue to the clipboard and paste it into you Eve skill queue
  • The contextual option “Show market group” of the fitter is available on drones and fighters
  • Citadel database update

About the update

This update changed many things, and required more work than before. Apologies for the delay !
Many thanks to paulkpeterson that did most of the job on the fighters side, and bonekill for the help they both provided on this udpate.

We did some extended testing, both internally and some public testing last weekend, and the update should be bug-free.
However, if you spot some weird behavior, or some values that mismatch with ingame values, please report it using our dedicated forum !

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