EveHQ 2.26 | March update

March update

This new EveHQ update catch up with the Eve march release.
Here is a list of main changes you will get :

  • New damage control mechanics
  • New sister of eve boosters
  • New sensor booster ECM role
  • New Structure management skill category, including new citadel skills
  • New tiericide affecting many modules

EveHQ bugfixes

Thanks to Warlof and PaulKPetersonCO who joined us recently, a nice list of bug have been fixed :

  • Prism blueprint calculation cost should now be correct
  • The pilot informations windows should load normally for pilots having decimal standing in their contact list
  • Onyx bonuses now affects light missiles
  • Mining lasers are now displaying mining stats normally
  • An issue on clipboard fitting import where some modules were missing has been fixed (And the forum import / export have been disabled)

As usual, we are always looking for new contributor and feedback. Feel free to contact us !



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  1. Awesome job to all the EVE HQ team.

  2. Thank you so much!

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