EveHQ 2.25 | Frostline update

Frostline update

After a full week of work, EveHQ is finally up to date with the many changes frostline brought us.
Quick summary of changes :

  • 4 New Logistics frigates
  • 4 New Electronic attack frigates
  • 4 New Command Destroyers
  • The new expedition frigate
  • New Guidance disruptions modules
  • Remote repair module now have falloff
  • Neut and NOS now also have falloff


I found the time to include few bugfixes you reported. As usual, thanks for your help, please keep reporting !

  • Link to Eve API management has been updated
  • The role bonuses on battlecruiser has been corrected, no more boring errors.
  • NPC Damage profile has been updated
  • The EFT fitting export now include cargo bay content – Thanks to bonekill

About the update

I know the update has been a bit too long to come out, I also felt it on my own. I was almost alone working on this update and there was a decent amout of work. I spent lot of time this week working on EveHQ, I hope I will always be able to do so.

Fortunately I’m starting to get really familiar with the way EveHQ handle modules and ship bonuses and I do way less error than few month ago.
Almost everything has been tested multiple times, but I can have missed some error. Please report any bug you find.

If you are a programmer and want to get involved, to help speed up release or to add/fix feature to/from EveHQ, feel free to contact me !


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  1. Do you have an ingame character for isk donations. I only been playing for 5 months but this program is so useful.

  2. Hi maximus, thanks for your support. If you started playing few month ago, keep your money. If you are rich as fuck or still want to donate, the corporation “EveHQ.co Team” is there to receive donations.

  3. Hi, I’ve always been a fan of Evehq, but it’s such a big program if the fitting tool is all you use..

    Is there a chance of getting the Evehq fitting tool as a standalone thing? with the database it needs and all that for market prices etc.

    I really don’t need anything else Evehq offers..


    • Hey Jessica,

      EveHQ has been built to be modular.
      If you want, you’re able to unload some feature like Prism which handle the industry part, killmail or void plugins.

      In order to do that, go inside “settings” menu which is accessible from the Aura button on the top left corner.

      Then, go in “Plug Ins” section and uncheck non relevant plugins =)

  4. Hey Jessica,

    There is no hope to get the fitter as a standalone for now. EveHQ might be lighter and a bit faster if we ever success rewriting it and rebuild it for a new major version but it will still be a pack. It’s the point of EveHQ, offering multiples tools at once, even if you don’t use all of them.

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