EveHQ 2.17.0 | Tiamat release

EveHQ 2.17.0 is available and will start auto-update.

This new version include tiamat changes like the svipul and the name changes of the module affected by the tiericide. It also fix the HIC role issue and the lachesis incorrect role.

We are experiencing a little change in the way we import the eve online SDE into EveHQ. We checked the result and everything should be fine, however let us know if you have any issue so we can work on a fix asap.
This is the second release since we picked the project up and it should be less messy than the 2.16.x serie !

On another topic, we are still looking for some people to help us keeping EveHQ going. A developper familiar with all the eve online industrial stuff and some testers for pre-releases beta.


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  1. Man, you guys rock! I hope you find the best enthousiasts with the knowledge to help you hero’s out on the programming. I understand it takes a lot of your time, but man you really make loads of spacehero’s happy! 🙂

  2. Thanks for your work guys and keep on it EVEHQ is still my favourite Tool!

  3. just noticed new update…..have you managed to fix assets bug, regarding price/value on items?

    Keep up the good work

  4. The ticker doesn’t seem to be working. I have done a complete uninstall, then reinstall and still nothing. Thoughts on how to fix this?

  5. Hello, I have an issue updating to the last EveHQ version… the antivirus program blocks the update, which I could understand because there’s an .exe file, but it won’t do the same with other SW’s updates, and it didn’t do so also on earlier updates. Is there anything you changed in the update process which could cause this issue? Thanks!

    • We didn’t changed the update process. We are aware that there is some few people encountering issues with antivirus but we got really few information about it.
      Feel free to open a thread on the forum !

  6. Put your ingame name somewhere on the site so we can send some ISK your way!

  7. thanks for the continuation of the project!
    But I think Prism still has a bug when showing the ISK value of items (think there’s already a forum threat).
    Keep up the great work! 🙂

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