EveHQ 2.23 | Vanguard update and new bugfixes

Vanguard update

Ok nine days after the update I think it was time for me to start writing the message that introduces it !
This is a little update for Vanguard in which you will find the thing below.

The awesome update

– Introduce the bonuses for cruisers vanguard battles ;
– Updating the database for vanguard.


The awesome bugfixes

– Fixed the registration and loading of custom ships ;
– Fixed the stacking for Warhead calefaction catalyst rigs.


This is all for this time ! But we still enjoy meet you on our forums, we thank you so much for report us the problems you encounter.

See you soon !


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  1. Awesome guys!!

  2. installed the newest version. it goes through the whole installation process then doesn’t create an icon on desktop as selected and no eve hq folder anywhere. strangeness.

    • Hi, could you try the procedure below and let us know if it is working better after ?

      – Uninstall EveHQ
      – Rename appdata folder %APPDATA%\EveHQ to %APPDATA%\EveHQ.bak (You can type %APPDATA%\EveHQ in the address bar of you windows explorer)
      – Delete the EveHQ installation folder (program files if so)
      – Download again the EveHQ installer at http://evehq.co/files
      – Run the installer with administrator privileges
      – Run EveHQ as administrator

  3. After updating to the newest version none of the modules show up in the HQF. I even tried to uninstall and reinstall and still no modules. Even ships previously fitted are all blank.

  4. No Modules: The same issue , some one told me that evehq was back up so i got rid of my last version and installed this one , it looks great by the way , but all fittings are blank, all saved fittings are blank , and none of the mods rigs and such appear on the right side for me.

  5. Just uninstalled evemon cos the personal assets search doesn’t work and came across eveHQ which seems very good. However, when I minimize eveHQ the eveHQ window disappears and nothing on taskbar. I’ve made sure hide window from task bar when minimising is unchecked but to no effect. Is there a workaround for this? I keep having to go to start and start the program off again. Using windows 10.

    • Hi, I hope you will find whatever you need in EveHQ 🙂
      I just checked your issue, it’s indeed not staying in the taskbar when minimized. I usually use the EveHQ icon in the notification bar on my side.

    • I tried to uncheck the option in the contextual menu of the system tray icon and it seems it work, give it a try !

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