EveHQ 2.22 | Galatea update and various bugfixes

Galatea update

For this update, we opted to take a little time to prepare and release, the reason is Galatea didn’t bring much new content, we delayed the update to also include a good amount of bugfixes.

Various bugfixes

– Update to the WH lookup data and a fix for related crashes ;
– Avoid a crash when exporting void implants details ;
– Polarized weapon finaly drop ship resist ;
– Canceling the creation of a fitting from the fitting list and typing an existing name does not crash anymore ;
– Omni tracking enhancer now apply their bonuses properly ;
– Pilot information standing windows now display agent and faction in their respective category ;
– Higgs rigs were not applying all their bonuses, the align time should now be correct ;
– Hecate sharpshooter optimal range bonus now apply properly.


Thanks again to all pilots reporting us their problems : GaladongoobyplsErriousWobbeldobb and Norman for this time !

Please keep submitting report, we don’t use all part of EveHQ in each possible case and we probably miss bug we could be able to fix, we still need your help to fix them all.

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