EveHQ 2.21.5 | Fixing Prism crashes

EveHQ 2.21.5 Fixing Prism crashes

Many users reported us errors in Prism plugin these weeks, and after searching we found out the problem :

During the Aegis update (2.21.0), we had an issue with Prism crash at startup. Those crashes seems coming from data in the SDE in an unpublished state. At this time we thought it could be a good idea to remove all unpublished data, and “fortunately” this solved the crash.

In our team none of our members are playing the industrial side of Eve and we don’t really use Prism, for this reason we missed some bugs caused by this data removal, those bug you reported us later.

Few days after releasing the 2.21.4 while we worked on another bug, we figured out the cause of all those 2.21.x bugs was this data removal. We removed the filter to add back the removed data to EveHQ, solving all those bugs at one time.


The update

As prism is widely used and is an important part of EveHQ for many of you, we opted to release this new version immediately, rather than delaying it in a larger update.

We are thinking that we have solved these bugs completely, however, if you still encounter a problem, please let us know on the “Bug reporting” section of our forums.

We want to thank all users who reported those problems !

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