EveHQ 2.21.4 is here ! | Bug fixing

The new update 2.21.4 is ready to use !

We have worked hard lasts days and we are pleased to offer you this update.

She is including the fixes below :

– Hecate ROF bonus is now applying correctly ;
– The prism asset viewer crash is fixed ;
– The BP calculator has received some fixes and enhancements ;
– The prices should now be displayed correctly in asset viewer ;
– The missiles rigs should now stack correctly with guidance missile modules.


Your bug reports help us to make EveHQ better, we love bug reports <3 ! If you have a bug to report, please kindly leave it on the “Bug Reporting” section of our forums.

A last thing :

This week we would like to send a special thanks to the generous contributors of this update !

Schpidi and Sixx

Thank you mates !

And thanks for those who bug reports and to the rest of the team who is working on other parts for the future ;).


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