EveHQ is dead, long live EveHQ!

Greetings capsuleers,

As you may know, CCP had the old APIs (CREST and XML) shut down lately.
EveHQ was based on those API, it means it will not function anymore.

There is no update planned for the current EveHQ version, don’t expect it to be fixed at some point.

Mike is still working on a new major version based on a new codebase but there is nothing close to be releasable yet.

Fly safe

EveHQ 2.31.9 | Fuzzwork market provider

Greetings capsuleers !

As you may know Eve Central is down. It should already have been back online and nobody now when it will be back.
As Nooban suggested on our forums, Mike worked on a new market price provider.

The next release will allow you to select the fuzzwork market price provider as an alternative to Eve Central.
As Mike is kinda busy (But still find some time to implement this provider, thanks !), expect it to be released before the end of October.

Thanks for your bug reports, suggestions and contributions.
Thanks to Steve for the fuzzwork tools.

EveHQ 2.31 | T3 update

EveHQ has a new maintainer !

I’m glad to announce Mike Eshva is taking over the project !
I had multiple people also offering their help, if you are still willing to give a hand, I’m pretty sure Mike will like it.
Contact us using forum, facebook or any other way.

T3 update

Mike started updating EveHQ and brings new t3 into EveHQ.
The database has also been updated so ship and module missing from the beginning of the year can now be used !
This update also bring some contribution from paulkpeterson that allow beta citadel fitting and citadel assets retrieval, also in a Beta state.

I’m staying onboard to help Mike on anything but coding, hoping to make his job easier and focused.
As this is the first update from him, some things might have been forgotten, please make sure to report any incorrect behavior !

EveHQ is looking for a new maintainer

Hi space friends,

It’s been almost 3 years since Drailen gave up on EveHQ and I tried to take over the project with Skar. It went pretty good, and we’ve been able to keep it running, almost always up to date until 2017. Few contributors helped a lot with most difficult changes (Like fighters, Industry, and more).

I’m happy we’ve been able to maintain EveHQ this long from where we started, however I’m retiring from EveHQ. Here is few reason if someone care enough. My skillset doesn’t really match the project, I’m having a hard time to do simple things when few contributors rewrite whole parts that need update. I lack time to spend on EveHQ and do required changes like coming T3 changes, ESI transition, switch to a new UI component, and more.

I’m not disappearing today, and I’m willing to keep all EveHQ website, repository, forum running until EveHQ don’t work at all anymore, or someone pick up the project. I’m also available to help someone to take over, explain the basics, and get him started. I could keep giving a hand a little while depending on how much time I can spend on EveHQ. I can be contacted using ingame mails, tweetfleet slack, facebook, tweeter and our forums.

I will broadcast this message over EveHQ and different channels, and wait for few days/weeks see if someone want to take over.
I will gather and provide a list of alternative tools to replace different parts of EveHQ in a future post and help you switching over if EveHQ is finally discontinued.

A big thanks to every bug reporters, contributors and donators, it’s been a great journey !

EveHQ 2.30.1 | Ascension minor patch

A minor update has been release before holidays, there won’t be much until January !


  • Command bursts fitting requirements are now correctly applied
  • A ‘safecheck’ has been added to avoid the loss of fitting some of you experienced
  • HQF damage analysis won’t crash anymore when you simulate a ship with missiles
  • An incorrect training time calculation has been fixed in the case you injected a skill without trained prerequisite
  • Few bugs that doesn’t worth mentioning there

Thanks to every contributor, to everyone reporting bug we missed.
As we are some people collaborating, EveHQ is no longer endangered for now ! However, the more we are working on this project, the sooner the update can be release and the sooner bugfix and improvements can be pushed to everyone. If you’re hesitating about getting a hand, you can contact us anytime on the forum (PM Slivo) and we can talk about it.

I wish you all a great Christmas and new year day,

See you in YC119 !

EveHQ 2.30 | Ascension update

Ascension update

We are happy to release this big update, including all changes from ascension.
It’s been a lot of work, fortunately Dukrat and paulkpeterson helped me a lot.
If EveHQ is useful for you, I strongly encourage you to make a even a small ISK donation to reward them for the time they spent helping the project.
A big thanks to every capsuleer that already donate to support us!


  • Alpha clone partial support. You won’t be able to know skill they cannot train.
  • Command bursts and Phenomena generator have been added.
  • The fleet effect window has been removed and command burst must be set as remote effects
  • We fixed a bug about missiles rigs drawback not affecting rapid torpedoes launchers
  • Commands ships bonuses
  • Tactical destroyer changes
  • Rorqual and industrial core changes
  • All new skills has been added
  • Porpoise has been added
  • Sunesis has been added

Known issues

  • The command burst calculation may sometime be inaccurate
  • The rorqual panic module does no effects yet

Hoping you enjoy this update, please report if you experience some bug

EveHQ 2.28 | June update

June update

EveHQ update is available, few new things featured this time


  • Fix some incorrect ship bonuses on shield extenders and armor plates
  • Added the new factions capitals
  • Updated Networked Sensor Array to match the nerf
  • Updated the database to CCP june release

Please report any bug using our forums.

EveHQ 2.27 | Citadel update

Citadel update

The Citadel update is finally available, both for manual download and auto-update.


  • Capital ships and capital modules
  • Fighters management
  • You can now export any EveHQ skillqueue to the clipboard and paste it into you Eve skill queue
  • The contextual option “Show market group” of the fitter is available on drones and fighters
  • Citadel database update

About the update

This update changed many things, and required more work than before. Apologies for the delay !
Many thanks to paulkpeterson that did most of the job on the fighters side, and bonekill for the help they both provided on this udpate.

We did some extended testing, both internally and some public testing last weekend, and the update should be bug-free.
However, if you spot some weird behavior, or some values that mismatch with ingame values, please report it using our dedicated forum !

We need your help

Good news, the Citadel update is almost done !

It took a bit of time to get all game changes into EveHQ but it’s now behind us.
We had some extended internal testing and everything run fine, however we were not able to test every single case.

We are now asking for your help, to test a public beta build before officially releasing the update.

If everything seems OK, you should definitely make a backup of EveHQ using the internal backup tool before proceeding, just in case.
Please report any abnormal behavior or any value that does not match what you get ingame on the forums to let us track and solve your issues.

The installer is available here

Thanks for your patience, and your help.

EveHQ setting backup

Hi capsuleers,

Some users reported a setting corruption on our forum, in some case they lost most of their data, including fittings.

To prevent this terrible data loss, please use the backup tool on a regular basis to secure yours until we can fix this.