EveHQ is dead, long live EveHQ!

Greetings capsuleers,

As you may know, CCP had the old APIs (CREST and XML) shut down lately.
EveHQ was based on those API, it means it will not function anymore.

There is no update planned for the current EveHQ version, don’t expect it to be fixed at some point.

Mike is still working on a new major version based on a new codebase but there is nothing close to be releasable yet.

Fly safe

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  1. The notion that there’s a glimmer of hope for a new version is certainly a daymaker; with the ESI changes and Evemon and Evehq broken, the game has become much more difficult to play at a multi-pilot level.

    Go Mike! There is a huge hole in data management for eve players right now!

  2. Ah well, it’s had a good run!

    Well done to all that kept the old version alive.

    The constant data changes from CCP was what made the project most difficult, it felt like you were fighting every patch just to keep up.

    I haven’t kept up to date but I can imagine the abolition of the API and the expectations for everyone to keep up is just too demanding for most 3rd party devs…hence the option to start anew.

    Good luck trying to convert the whole of EveHQ though, be interesting to see how every plugin turns out 🙂


  3. o7

    I’m sad to read this. Can someone tell me where I can find the current repository which includes 2.31.13? I’d like to take a look at it and maybe try implementing an interface for ESI.

  4. this may be a bit forward but it seems that someone has figured out how to get EVEMon to work with esi logins. it took them a few days to get it all set right but its working perfectly now.


    perhaps some of what they learned and edited on evemon could be used to figure out how to do it with eve hq as well??

    • There is multiple factor that makes actual codebase a nitghtmare to work with, ESI is adding the need for a big refactor Mike or myself are not welling to do

  5. Any recommendations on what you can use for ship fitting for characters? That is what I used EveHQ for, but I do not have an iPhone so I don’t have access to Neocom II.

    I am currently using pyfa but I really don’t like the look or the flexibility. Any ideas?

  6. Are you all looking for help with the EVEHQ Project?

    I’m brand new to learning to code and interested in helping out.

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