EveHQ 2.29 | October update

October update

The update is finally available, database has been updated to match eve last release.


  • Asklepians implants are now available
  • Mining barges are up to date
  • The IGB feature has been removed
  • The fitting protocol feature has been removed
  • Last AT ships are availables
  • Fixed a buf on slave implant bonus calculation. It previously also affected plates
  • Bifrost powergrid bonus has been fixed
  • Capital drones rigs now affect fighters as they should
  • Higgs rigs drawback can now be reduce affectif the proper related skill

There is many reports I didn’t had time to fix this time, but it’s still work in progress.
Please report any bug using our forums.

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  1. several items missing in latest version

    example Ice harvesting drone I & II and related BPO’s

    • Hi there, I’m sorry for being a little late, I didn’t notive your comment. This is a false positive related to our installer program and I cannot affect this result in any way.

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