Aegis update in progress

Hello everyone,

Just few word to tell you we are working on the Aegis update since CCP released it but it’s a bit harder than previously.
Plus Skar and me (Slivo) have been busy with RL stuff lasts weeks.

We are still looking for more devs for the EveHQ team, if you want to give a little help you can contact us on the forum, using eve mail or private messages.

EveHQ 2.19.0 | Mosaic release

Hello everyone, the Mosaic release is available.

It was the first time a patch was modifying industry stuff, so we did our best and it seems to be working great.

Of course, as pvp oriented player, we don’t really have any idea on how the industry part of EveHQ works, so we hope that the industry players using EveHQ will give us their feedback.

The T3 destroyers are also up to date, please report any mistake.

We didn’t add a way to copy skill plan for Eve yet, but we want to do it, sooner or later, stay tuned.

About the official forum and donations

As we think there is no need to create a new thread on the eve forum each time we release a new version, the following thread will condensate all important informations and updates about EveHQ on the official forum.

The link is

As many peoples asked us about a way to donate some iskies. The corporation “ Team” will receive and share donations within the people that help EveHQ to run.

EveHQ 2.17.0 | Tiamat release

EveHQ 2.17.0 is available and will start auto-update.

This new version include tiamat changes like the svipul and the name changes of the module affected by the tiericide. It also fix the HIC role issue and the lachesis incorrect role.

We are experiencing a little change in the way we import the eve online SDE into EveHQ. We checked the result and everything should be fine, however let us know if you have any issue so we can work on a fix asap.
This is the second release since we picked the project up and it should be less messy than the 2.16.x serie !

On another topic, we are still looking for some people to help us keeping EveHQ going. A developper familiar with all the eve online industrial stuff and some testers for pre-releases beta.


EveHQ 2.16.0 | Proteus release

The new EveHQ team is proud to announce we successfully updated EveHQ !

You can now download EveHQ 2.16.0.
Please notice you will need to download and install the update manually, the internal update system will work for the next updates.

This is our first release, we might have missed some bugs, please accept our apologizes.
Please report any bug on our forums.

Fly safe

EDIT : We are facing some bugs related to ship roles, mainly for recons ship. We are looking for the problem and we will release a fix as soon as we can.

Welcome to the new EveHQ’s home

You will find the news concerning EveHQ developpement and releases here.

We will also host installer files for next versions. You can already get the current 2.15 EveHQ installer in the download section.

The new forum is also ready, allowing community to discuss about EveHQ, suggest new functionality or just help us hunting bugs. If you are a programmer and you want to help, feel free to contact us on the board.

In those early time of picking EveHQ up, we are getting familiar with the code, getting ready for the next eve release.