Citadel update in progress

Few words to let you know we are working on the citadel update and we are doing our best to release it as soon as possible.

This update introduced many changes and it require we alter the way some things are handled, like fighters.

Thanks for your patience

EveHQ 2.26 | March update

March update

This new EveHQ update catch up with the Eve march release.
Here is a list of main changes you will get :

  • New damage control mechanics
  • New sister of eve boosters
  • New sensor booster ECM role
  • New Structure management skill category, including new citadel skills
  • New tiericide affecting many modules

EveHQ bugfixes

Thanks to Warlof and PaulKPetersonCO who joined us recently, a nice list of bug have been fixed :

  • Prism blueprint calculation cost should now be correct
  • The pilot informations windows should load normally for pilots having decimal standing in their contact list
  • Onyx bonuses now affects light missiles
  • Mining lasers are now displaying mining stats normally
  • An issue on clipboard fitting import where some modules were missing has been fixed (And the forum import / export have been disabled)

As usual, we are always looking for new contributor and feedback. Feel free to contact us !



EveHQ 2.25 | Frostline update

Frostline update

After a full week of work, EveHQ is finally up to date with the many changes frostline brought us.
Quick summary of changes :

  • 4 New Logistics frigates
  • 4 New Electronic attack frigates
  • 4 New Command Destroyers
  • The new expedition frigate
  • New Guidance disruptions modules
  • Remote repair module now have falloff
  • Neut and NOS now also have falloff


I found the time to include few bugfixes you reported. As usual, thanks for your help, please keep reporting !

  • Link to Eve API management has been updated
  • The role bonuses on battlecruiser has been corrected, no more boring errors.
  • NPC Damage profile has been updated
  • The EFT fitting export now include cargo bay content – Thanks to bonekill

About the update

I know the update has been a bit too long to come out, I also felt it on my own. I was almost alone working on this update and there was a decent amout of work. I spent lot of time this week working on EveHQ, I hope I will always be able to do so.

Fortunately I’m starting to get really familiar with the way EveHQ handle modules and ship bonuses and I do way less error than few month ago.
Almost everything has been tested multiple times, but I can have missed some error. Please report any bug you find.

If you are a programmer and want to get involved, to help speed up release or to add/fix feature to/from EveHQ, feel free to contact me !


EveHQ 2.23 | Vanguard update and new bugfixes

Vanguard update

Ok nine days after the update I think it was time for me to start writing the message that introduces it !
This is a little update for Vanguard in which you will find the thing below.

The awesome update

– Introduce the bonuses for cruisers vanguard battles ;
– Updating the database for vanguard.


The awesome bugfixes

– Fixed the registration and loading of custom ships ;
– Fixed the stacking for Warhead calefaction catalyst rigs.


This is all for this time ! But we still enjoy meet you on our forums, we thank you so much for report us the problems you encounter.

See you soon !


EveHQ 2.22 | Galatea update and various bugfixes

Galatea update

For this update, we opted to take a little time to prepare and release, the reason is Galatea didn’t bring much new content, we delayed the update to also include a good amount of bugfixes.

Various bugfixes

– Update to the WH lookup data and a fix for related crashes ;
– Avoid a crash when exporting void implants details ;
– Polarized weapon finaly drop ship resist ;
– Canceling the creation of a fitting from the fitting list and typing an existing name does not crash anymore ;
– Omni tracking enhancer now apply their bonuses properly ;
– Pilot information standing windows now display agent and faction in their respective category ;
– Higgs rigs were not applying all their bonuses, the align time should now be correct ;
– Hecate sharpshooter optimal range bonus now apply properly.


Thanks again to all pilots reporting us their problems : GaladongoobyplsErriousWobbeldobb and Norman for this time !

Please keep submitting report, we don’t use all part of EveHQ in each possible case and we probably miss bug we could be able to fix, we still need your help to fix them all.

EveHQ 2.21.5 | Fixing Prism crashes

EveHQ 2.21.5 Fixing Prism crashes

Many users reported us errors in Prism plugin these weeks, and after searching we found out the problem :

During the Aegis update (2.21.0), we had an issue with Prism crash at startup. Those crashes seems coming from data in the SDE in an unpublished state. At this time we thought it could be a good idea to remove all unpublished data, and “fortunately” this solved the crash.

In our team none of our members are playing the industrial side of Eve and we don’t really use Prism, for this reason we missed some bugs caused by this data removal, those bug you reported us later.

Few days after releasing the 2.21.4 while we worked on another bug, we figured out the cause of all those 2.21.x bugs was this data removal. We removed the filter to add back the removed data to EveHQ, solving all those bugs at one time.


The update

As prism is widely used and is an important part of EveHQ for many of you, we opted to release this new version immediately, rather than delaying it in a larger update.

We are thinking that we have solved these bugs completely, however, if you still encounter a problem, please let us know on the “Bug reporting” section of our forums.

We want to thank all users who reported those problems !

EveHQ 2.21.4 is here ! | Bug fixing

The new update 2.21.4 is ready to use !

We have worked hard lasts days and we are pleased to offer you this update.

She is including the fixes below :

– Hecate ROF bonus is now applying correctly ;
– The prism asset viewer crash is fixed ;
– The BP calculator has received some fixes and enhancements ;
– The prices should now be displayed correctly in asset viewer ;
– The missiles rigs should now stack correctly with guidance missile modules.


Your bug reports help us to make EveHQ better, we love bug reports <3 ! If you have a bug to report, please kindly leave it on the “Bug Reporting” section of our forums.

A last thing :

This week we would like to send a special thanks to the generous contributors of this update !

Schpidi and Sixx

Thank you mates !

And thanks for those who bug reports and to the rest of the team who is working on other parts for the future ;).


Improving the EveHQ updating system | An EveHQ dev chronicle

About the EveHQ updates workflow :

As you may know, we took a bit longer to release the 2.21 update. This was the first time new modules where added to the game since we took over the project. There was also few changes in the SDE database. At this occasion we discovered that the modules effects are all build manually and store into CSV files in the EveHQ project.

Actually, when a new module or ship come out, we have to upgrade the effects manually with a delicate procedure : we need to gather related informations from the Eve Online’s patch notes and from the SDE, then build new rows in the CSV file that contains effects data for EveHQ to work with and create EveHQ data files with the “Cache Creator” that is compiling informations from the CSV and from the SDE.

This procedure make updating EveHQ complex and increases the risk of human errors.


What we want to do :

We are now working on the possibility to extract more information from the SDE database, and pull effects information from CCP Export for lighten the current process by automating this task.

To do it, we need to understand how CCP store and use effect data stored in the SDE and feed directly the data files that are used by EveHQ and create by the cache creator. With this simple thing, we will be able to remove the CSV files and make the updates more simple, and quicker to make the updates available to our users.


Anyone that know the SDE well and want to help us achieving this goal is welcome.


EveHQ 2.21.0 | Aegis release

The Aegis update is finally available.

CCP changed some data in there export that crashed EveHQ and take us a little while, coupled to our lack of time these weeks.
To avoid making you wait longer, we released a first update with incorrect bonuses for the Hecate. They will be updated in the next update.
Thanks for your patience !

Few people contacted me to contribute to EveHQ, like Bonekill that started working with us. Thanks to them !
We are never too many, if you want to join, you are welcome.

EDIT : Missile guidance modules doesn’t apply their bonus properly, work in progress

Aegis update in progress

Hello everyone,

Just few word to tell you we are working on the Aegis update since CCP released it but it’s a bit harder than previously.
Plus Skar and me (Slivo) have been busy with RL stuff lasts weeks.

We are still looking for more devs for the EveHQ team, if you want to give a little help you can contact us on the forum, using eve mail or private messages.