EveHQ 2.31.11 | CCP Market prices and orders provider

EveHQ 2.31.9 | Fuzzwork market provider

Greetings capsuleers !

As you may know Eve Central is down. It should already have been back online and nobody now when it will be back.
As Nooban suggested on our forums, Mike worked on a new market price provider.

The next release will allow you to select the fuzzwork market price provider as an alternative to Eve Central.
As Mike is kinda busy (But still find some time to implement this provider, thanks !), expect it to be released before the end of October.

Thanks for your bug reports, suggestions and contributions.
Thanks to Steve for the fuzzwork tools.

EveHQ 2.31.8 | Fixes for Prism and new SDE

EVE Central is down… for some time I hope. We use it in EveHQ and this downtime disclosed some problems in our code base. I’ve fixed them but as always with this spaghetti code I can’t be sure it works well in every place. Anyway meet the 2.31.8 release.

EveHQ 2.31.6 | Player owned structure names and bug fixes


One more bug fixing release. The most important addition is player owned structure names in asset viewer. It should work but this feature relays on crowd created service https://stop.hammerti.me.uk/api/ That means we can only see names of structures added to this service by players. You can help to extend this list by participating in The Great Structure Hunt. Structure names should appear in other relevant parts of EveHQ but… eh this code base is so weird that I never can predict the results.

So here is complete list of changes:

Fill free to comment and report new bugs.

EveHQ 2.31.5 | Fitter bug fixes


Tonight I’ve released the next version of EveHQ. This time I decided to close all remaining fitter bugs we know about. If you know other bugs please report about them on our issue tracker.

In the next release I plan to fix some bugs in Prism.

Here is what is changed in 2.31.5:

EveHQ 2.31.4


Release 2.31.4 contains mostly bug fixes for the Fitter. I try to make some improvements to Prism but found a problem. I can’t edit WinForms forms in the visual editor. To be able do that I need a setup package of DotNetBar for WinForms at least version 11.8. We use this component set for UI. So I would like to ask you some help. If anybody has this component set with all necessary license keys please send a mail on reg@eshva.ru. The version 14 is the best as I can use it in VS 2017.

So what is inside the release:

EveHQ 2.31.1-2.31.3

Namaste guys!

Tonight I released version 2.31.3 and want to inform you what’s changed since 2.31.0. Here is an excerpt from our Release notes Wiki section.




EveHQ 2.31 | T3 update

EveHQ has a new maintainer !

I’m glad to announce Mike Eshva is taking over the project !
I had multiple people also offering their help, if you are still willing to give a hand, I’m pretty sure Mike will like it.
Contact us using forum, facebook or any other way.

T3 update

Mike started updating EveHQ and brings new t3 into EveHQ.
The database has also been updated so ship and module missing from the beginning of the year can now be used !
This update also bring some contribution from paulkpeterson that allow beta citadel fitting and citadel assets retrieval, also in a Beta state.

I’m staying onboard to help Mike on anything but coding, hoping to make his job easier and focused.
As this is the first update from him, some things might have been forgotten, please make sure to report any incorrect behavior !